3D Printing

3D printing is an extraordinarily powerful tool, whether it's with a hobbyist's FDM, or a professional grade resin printer. 3D printing PPE is a great way for people at home to help out and create a sturdy, reusable product. There are multiple caveats to be aware of however, for example the type of filament being used and the porosity of an FDM print. These are by no means comparable to professional, medical-grade PPE. Until the scarcity is resolved however, they are definitely better than nothing. Take a look at the FDA 3D printing Q&A as well as the NIH 3D Print Exchange for more information.

Prusa Face Shield

Print time: 2 hours and 30 minutes

Developed by Prusa Research

The Prusa face shield takes much longer than 3DVerkstan to print, but creates a much sturdier and lasting product. For this reason, this design is more ideal for injection molding machines but can be printed using PLA or PETG.

3DVerkstan Face Shield

Print time: 40 minutes

Developed by Erik Cederberg

The 3DVerkstan is the fastest face shield model to 3D print. The thin design makes the finished product very flexible, although a rubber band can be placed between the hooks for a tighter fit. The pegs align with a standard 3-hole punch. The design can be printed out of PLA or PETG.

Ear Saver

Print time: 30 minutes

Developed by Suraky

Ear savers are small bendable devices that fit behind the head and can hold the mask straps, providing comfort to the user. They take relatively little time to print, but are a great contribution from the maker community to healthcare workers. The design can be printed out of PLA.

Ear Saver - Buckle Variation

Print time: 30 minutes

Developed by w_Stadolnik

The buckle variation is another form of ear saver that has its own pros and cons. While this design fits more nicely around the head and secures mask straps well, unless the print comes out perfect there is a chance of the hooks snapping off. This design can be printed out of PLA or PETG.

Door Grabber

Print time: 40 minutes

Developed by Coolioiglesias

The door grabber is small device that can fit around a key ring. The main use of the item is to prevent unnecessary contact to elevator buttons and door handles. It is also very easy to clean. The model can be printed out of PLA or PETG.