The YCRO Dispatch

Volume 1

Issue 1

This newsletter covers Virginia's plans to reopen, how to safely protest in the midst of a pandemic, and YCRO's innovative origmai ear-saver design.

Volume 2

Issue 2

In this issue, learn about the science behind a virus and SARS-CoV-2 in particular, delve into the behind the scenes of YCRO's Outreach efforts, and find out more about the impact private partnerships have made on slowing down testing and PPE scarcity across the nation.

Volume 3

Issue 3

Read this issue to understand the procedure for COVID-19 vaccine development, learn about how YCRO's Innovative Design and 3D Printing teams have adapted their mission, and to delve into the virtual learning experience for the upcoming school year.

Volume 4

Issue 4

The fourth issue of the YCRO Dispatch features Virginia’s contact tracing app and details the decision making process behind which normal activities we can resume. This issue is also the last issue before the special edition Letter from the Leads!

Volume 5

Issue 5

As YCRO wraps up operations, this fifth and final issue reflects on our journey, detailing challenges faced and lessons learned along the way.